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Why Use Pickett Finance LLC?

We specialize in funding for investment homes

We are experts at finding solutions for people who are in the market to obtain funding for a investment property. Our diverse team has experience with all types of funding scenarios, and we understand how to make every transaction simple and stress-free. We are also well-versed in most types of investment homes and are certain that we can find a win-win solution for every investor, whether it be a traditional or creative funding solution.

We fund all types of homes at all price ranges
We can offer premium funding for your house
We Fund As Is – or if a need for repairs!
Pickett Finance LLC
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Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. Our team strives to provide a positive experience when obtaining funding for a home, by ensuring your satisfaction throughout the process.


Current Deals

Our qualified team handles multiple deals simultaneously, which allows us to continue gaining experience and improve our service to customers.


Houses Funded

Our team has extensive experience with funding and renovating properties, and we can help you find the perfect property to flip.

Why Pickett Finance LLC?

We work with some of the most successful investors in the country. Many of these investors do 100+ transactions per year. Due to the 1000s of hours in the Investment world, we know what to do in any situation. We pass that knowledge to our clients by helping them with anything they need to get their real estate investment deals under contract and through the lending process. 

Our Commitment To You

At Pickett Finance LLC , our commitment to you is unwavering, especially when it comes to providing funding for investment properties. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities associated with real estate investment, and our pledge is to be your steadfast partner throughout the entire process.

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